Most Common Myths About Dentures

Dentures are available to men and women who are missing one or more teeth in their mouth. They’re customized to the exact wearer and can be used on both the top and/or the bottom of the mouth. Dentures have long been used to replace missing teeth. If you want to know more about denture, schedule an appointment with the dentist.

You’ve probably heard a lot of myths about dentures over the years, however. Most people do not realize that it is a myth and simply believe the things that they hear. Do not include yourself in this category. Learning the truth can make it easier to pick up the phone and make that call. Read below to learn more about the common myths that surround dentures and let the truth set you free.

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Dentures Break Easily

With a good set of quality dentures, damage is unlikely to occur. But, in the event that you do chip the dentures, break them or other mishaps occur, rest assured that denture repair Butler AL is available and you won’t be forced to fork over all that money to buy a new set. Accidents happen and while dentures are built to last, they can become damaged. It’s a myth that they break easily, however.

Dentures are Not Sanitary

Dentures are removed from the mouth and stored inside water with a cleaning solution each night and shouldn’t be worn while you sleep. However, it is a myth that they are unsanitary by any means of the word. Make sure to take care of the dentures and this isn’t a concern that you will endure. You clean the dentures with a toothbrush and, like your natural teeth, do not touch them otherwise. As long as you properly care for them, sanitation should never become a concern.

Everyone Will Know That You Are Wearing Dentures

Thankful, this is also a myth. Sure, some dentures look unnatural and are easy to spot a mile away. But when you choose a great dentist and quality dentures, that is not a worry and no one will know that you are wearing dentures unless you tell them that you are wearing them. And of course there is never any obligation to make this revelation unless you so choose to tell people. You can again smile beautifully with dentures replacing your missing teeth.

Dentures are Expensive

The cost of a new set of dentures varies and many factors affect the costs. This includes the ventures style, the dental expert you select, and other factors. However, there are dentures priced affordably enough to accommodate even the smallest of budgets, so do not have a toothless smile another day!

You Cannot Eat With Dentures

Some people think they are unable to eat with dentures or that doing so will cause them to feel pain or discomfort. With the right dentures, this simply is not true. Although it may take a bit of time to get accustomed to wearing the dentures, discomfort and inability to eat are not concerns you will endure.